When hope is torn apart || Steve&Bucky

The rain was soaking his clothes, cold wind blowing against him, empty stare at the buildings with each step. James Buchanan Barnes. He repeated that name on his mind, as if it was the only thing helping him to not go completely insane. Yet, with each step, his uncertainty seemed to go stronger. No soldier, no spy, now he was nothing but a ghost looking for anwsers.

At some point Bucky just stood on the middle of the street. He was supposed to know that place, he was supposed to remember. And he tried, but there was nothing. Perhaps because those memories were too distant, it would have been better to start with any other place. Or maybe, just maybe, everything was just useless. He looked up at the overcast sky, his cap then falling and hitting the ground. There was no worry, there was no rush. Only a few people were trying to find him. And he knew who would be the one finding him first.

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                       Do you remember?                             What should I remember?
                       The days of old                                     The days of past
                       When I loved you                                  When I was yours 
                       Do you remember?                             Why do I remember?
                       When we were young                         When I was young
                       I was a spy                                            I was a soldier
                       And you were my mentor                    And he was my partner
                       Do you remember?                             What have I done?
                       Do you remember me?                      I remember you.

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